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The Arthur Spencer Memorial Trophy

Commisioned by the WAGS and incorporates the last yellow ball struck by Arthur!
It will become the trophy for the Pairs competition and will be initially presented to the 2016 winner by Arthur's son Dave.

New Wags Dress Code

Here seen modelling the new 2016 post wet weather
ensemble are Stuart and John


The first winner of the inuagural wooden spoon is


Lowest score of '0' because he couldn't be bothered to get his ass out of the bar

footnote: That anyone should be sad enough to actually supply a spoon !!
Thanks a lot John!


"Whats hard about this"

Famous last words of Pete Saunders as he presided over his inaugral (and last) scoring cock up. Was Don Clark cut by 10%? The club computer upon which so much was relied didn't think so but why would it? What does it know about the WAGS! And why does everyone have to score 71? eventually it didn't matter, probably because everyone had gone home.

Record Birdie Haul

Simon, Alex and Kenny turn in a card with 17 birdies recorded on it!
Even more remarlable was Alex two eagles on the 12th and 13th!
Yet even more remarkable still was Alex's 37 points with 5 blobs on the card!!

Stolen Golf Ball

It was heartwarming to hear that having his ball nicked on the 18th (allegedly) by a senior member who of advancing years and prown to be not as aware as he may once have been, the aforesaid member having shown understanding and compassion was rewarded with a presentation of a sand wedge and a replacement ball!

Oh! that was a 'sandwich' was it ?....

Just Deserts!!

It is not unknown for a certain member of the WAGS to think he is hard done by when it comes to the draw each week. He believes foul play is at work as he is sure he is regularly drawn in the latter stages. So, on the 3rd October 2012 we asked him to conduct the draw and yes, he drew himself out LAST, yes LAST. There are no prizes for naming the member, you all know who it is.


2009 Captain's Charity

As one of our regular members, Roger Page, is also this year's Club Captain the WAGS have agreed to support his charity fund raising. On our annual Cowley Cup day, June 10th, each member will donate 50p for every bunker entered.

Draw time altered

From the 4th March the draw will commence at 11.30am.

Two inactive weeks

The first two weeks of February 2009 have resulted in total inactivity from WAG members with the course closed due to the snow and ice. The Cotswold Edge professional, Rod Hibbitt has kept himself occupied by measuring the depth of the snow on the adjacent putting green. On the 11th February the depth had decreased from a high of 7 inches to 5. At this rate, it'll be March before we get playing again!

Not a "birdie" in sight!

28th January 2009 - Following the high of his hole-in-one the previous week, Kenny Hibbitt had to endure the low of not achieving a single birdie. This was only the second time, in ten years, he hadn't managed at least one.


21st January 2009 - Monthly Senior Stableford, Kenny Hibbitt achieved this rare event on the 5th hole using a 5 iron. In line with WAGS tradition, he scooped the complete "birdie pot" leaving five other players, who had gained a birdie, very disappointed.

New Course Record

November 5th 2008 - Saw a new record set for the longest time taken to get round the course, smashing the old record by some 20 minutes. Showing enviable tenacity and stamina this remarkable achievement of 4 1/2 hours was set by the final (fortunately) four ball of the afternoon by messrs

John (buggy) Carter
Tony Cullen
The Late Will Sealy
Pete Greatbach

Contributory factors to this achievement were deemed to be the rapidly enveloping darkness, the unpoplar trees on the 17th and the doubtful parentage of Mr Cullens ball.
First indications of this event became apparent as dusk fell and John was phoned on his mobile while on the 18th with the enquiry "where the *&^$ are you" by an excited Mr Alan Mc'Cann!
The significance of this event was highlighted by the fact all of the WAGS stayed to witness the eventual outcome!

John was subsequently fined for having his mobi on, on the course!

Blood on the Tee

The calm and tranquillity of the wags was disturbed this week (10/9/14) when some players (who shall remain nameless) decided that the bar took precedence over getting to the 1st tee, to tee off on time. Upon our (Pete Saunders and me) arrival at the tee (one player short) we also found a 'Billy-no-mates' and distraught Keith Stokes, who should have teed off before we did but, had been relegated to a later group time due to the absence of his playing partners. Our own third partner had also failed to show causing a general cock up and us to play as a two ball. A pissed off Keith (no shrinking violet) Stokes took the understandable 'stuff it then' attitude and went to watch the peleton (to be rewarded by collecting two discarded water bottles as souvenirs) while our own absentee went home in a sulk. This was actually fortunate as the impending row that I kept advising Pete (usually over his shot) would ensue in the clubhouse afterwards, never did!
Annoyingly two of the malefactors took 1st and 2nd prizes...buggr
These incidents were highlighted by Twister during the prize presentation and a general approval for getting on with the golf (cos thats why we are here) as per the draw, was perceived.















Ball Hit Slightly

A ball that conies to rest beyond the stakes, fencing, or lines denning ground out-of-bounds may be moved back within bounds and played without penalty of either stroke or distance under the following circumstances:

1. If the ball lies just beyond the line of the out-of-bounds stakes and can be tapped, pulled, dragged, or spooned back into bounds with any conforming golf club by a player standing within bounds

2. If the ball did not travel directly out-of-bounds but bounced off or touched down safely on ground or some fixed natural feature lying within bounds at least once before crossing the out-of-bounds line

3. If the ball landed out-of-bounds but was clearly attempting to return within bounds when its progress was improperly blocked by an impediment or obstacle located out-of-bounds and hence not a legal part of the course

4. If the ball has crossed an out-of-bounds line that is not a true course boundary but rather an administrative division of the ground lying between two adjacent holes drawn so as to discourage play from an adjoining fairway, and the player states that it was not his intention to engage in such play

5. If the ball lies within a portion of the out-of-bounds area that juts or bulges outward from the general line of the out-of-bounds stakes in such a way that if one or two of the stakes were removed, the remaining stakes would form a much straighter line that would leave the place where the ball came to rest well within bounds

Casual Air

"Casual air" Is wind of a volume or velocity sufficient to cause (a) a pinch of grass blades released at shoulder height to be blown a distance of at least two club lengths in any direction; or (b) the fabric bunting attached to the flagstick on any green to be drawn taut, or to ruffle, flap, or flutter, or the flagsticks themselves to bend, sway, or wobble; or (c) improperly affixed headgear to become airborne. Whenever casual air is deemed to exist, players may obtain relief as follows:

1. The ball may be teed up anywhere within the closely mown area of the teeing ground without regard to the position of the tee markers.

2. Any ball hit out-of-bounds may be retrieved and replayed from the nearest playable lie within bounds, without penalty of either stroke or distance.

3. Any ball that flies unexpectedly far over a green, or falls conspicuously short of it, may be replayed once without assessing a stroke.

4. All third putts are conceded.

5. A range ball may be put into play at any time at a player's discretion

Coincidental Demolition of Coarse Growth

If a player's ball comes to rest behind a plant that is obviously a weed, or if the swing path his club must follow in order to fairly strike his ball is blocked by such a plant, the player may attempt to defoliate or dismember it with a series of practice swings, but the motions he makes with his club must be consistent with the movements golfers normally perform in the course of a swing, and they must be neither so numerous nor so violent as to appear to have as their sole and exclusive purpose the deliberate eradication of the plant.

Cruel and Unusual Hazards

The following extreme water hazards and improper bunk-era are deemed to constitute an unwarranted and impermissible interference with due and rightful play, and a player may replay a shot that is hit into any such water hazard, or throw his ball out of any such bunker, without assessing a stroke or incurring any penalty:

1. Any water hazard that, in order to be cleared, requires a ball to carry over it in the air for a distance of 150 yards or more with no possibility of a lay-up shot or safe play

2. Any lateral water hazard toward which a fairway has

been purposely graded or sloped so that a ball will roll or bounce into it even if, as a result of a benign spin or favourable curve applied to the ball at the time it was struck, it should have easily avoided the hazard

3. Any bunker so situated in a fairway that no part of it is visible from the teeing ground, regardless of whether the bunker was accurately depicted in a schematic diagram of the hole on a scorecard or sign

4. Any bunker having a lip of overhanging earth, turf, or greensward a foot or more in thickness, or a retaining wall of stone or wood a club length or more in height, or stairs or a ladder for entry or exit, or an overall depth such that the surface of the putting green is above the eye level of a player standing on the sand within it

5. Any bunker that has been formally given or is generally referred to by an ominous or intimidating name.